7 steps to a hassle-free switch

  • 1

    We’ll check your details

    We’ll match your property in the industry operator’s systems. This will tell us your meter configuration so we can set up your account properly. Your 10 day cooling off period starts from when we send the sign up confirmation email to you.

  • 2

    Moving in?

    If so, we’ll liaise with your local network company to get the power connected for your moving in date. The 10 day cooling off period doesn’t apply so that your move in isn’t delayed.


  • 3

    We’ll tell your current retailer

    We send your transfer request via the industry operator’s systems and your current retailer will then receive an automatic notification that you’re off.

  • 4

    The heavies will call

    Suddenly, your current retailer will offer you the world, promise to stop Japan from whaling and will single-handedly save the Great Barrier Reef. If you stay with them, that is.


  • 5

    We wait for your next meter reading

    It’s an industry rule that customers need to switch on the date of an actual meter read. We wait for the first meter read after your cooling off period ends. If you’ve got a smart meter your switch will happen within a few days of your cooling off period ending.

  • 6

    Enjoy 100% carbon neutral energy!

    You’re now a Members Energy customer, powered by the Green Energy Retailer of 2020. Your power usage is carbon offset at no extra cost. We hope that the only pain you felt during the sign up process was from the various phone calls from your old retailer’s heavies. You’re in good hands now.


  • 7

    Spread the love

    Our big dream is to provide cheap, clean power to all Australians. As a small business, we rely on recommendations from real customers and word of mouth. This also helps us keep our costs low by not spending money on expensive advertising.

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