The energy plan you signed up for requires constant communication with your battery over the Internet. This vital exchange of information is what allows the Intelligent Control to optimise your energy usage and trade your excess solar in the spot market.

Maintaining communication with every battery in our fleet is of the utmost importance to our service, so we flag those batteries we fail to reach as being inactive. One or two minimal blips every now and again are not uncommon. However, if the problem persists, our team is prompted to get in contact with you to get you back online.

Despite our best efforts and after multiple attempts, we cannot get your battery system back online and communicating effectively with the VPP. Without communication, we cannot help you trade or optimise your energy – so the membership fee you pay is not providing the benefits it should.

What happens now?


We believe in 100% transparency. Although you may not be aware, an inactive battery is in breach of the Terms and Conditions you have agreed to when you signed up. Due to the nature of our offering, inactive batteries cannot form part of our VPP.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of getting the battery reconnected and staying with Members Energy, please give us a call on 03 8763 5408. We are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

If getting the battery connected to the Internet is not an option for you, scroll down for a special offer from our partner Energy Locals. You can also provide your details in the form below to keep in touch with us regarding re-joining our VPP again in the future.

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Energy Locals, the Green Energy Retailer of 2020, is offering you an exclusive $10 signup bonus when you transfer your account from Members Energy.

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What happens after I transfer out of Members Energy?

Once you claim your signup bonus from Energy Locals:


Your 10-day cooling off period will begin. Please contact Energy Locals directly if you would like to have it waived so they can speed up your transfer.

Once the cooling off period is completed or waived, Energy Locals will send your transfer request via the industry operator’s system.

Smart Meter

It’s an industry rule you need to switch on the date of an actual meter read, which will depend on your meter type:

  • If you’ve got a smart meter, a meter read will happen within a few days of your cooling off period ending. All up, your switch may be completed between 5 business days to 3 weeks after cooling off.
  • If you’ve got a basic meter, it is likely someone needs to attend your property to do the read. Meter reads are usually scheduled every 3 months, but you can organise an earlier one for a small fee.