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Why do energy prices change?

A lot goes on behind the scenes in the world of electricity to ensure your lights at home turn on every day. To help you learn about the factors that can cause your energy prices to change, here’s a simple and informative summary for our customers…

Ultimate Solar Prize Winner

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Meet Genevieve from Officer Victoria. The winner of our Ultimate Solar Prize Competition.
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How to optimise your solar battery storage

You have invested in a solar rooftop PV + battery system. This revolutionary combination allows you to produce and store power from an unlimited source – the sun, and enjoy benefits which include: Free renewable energy at the point of…
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Habits that may be costing you the most money in your energy bills

Does it seem like no matter what you do, you just cannot get on top of your energy bills? This article will help by providing some insights into how Australians use power and what is it specifically that has a large impact on your electricity…
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Solar battery installations on the rise

The fires, C19 pandemic, lockdowns, and all the social and economic repercussions of last year have contributed to a recent lack of government’s help towards renewable energies and more specifically, solar batteries. The absence of a national…
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Australian “solar tax”: the facts

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) announced at the end of March that households with rooftop solar could be charged for exporting their electricity into the grid at times of peak supply and low demand. As the country with the…
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The myths of solar – winter edition

Solar homeowners dream of warm summer months with longer daylight hours – in Australia, a great time for solar generation and keeping energy costs under control. But what happens during the other half of the year when the sun seems to hide…
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Trade your energy for higher profits in the spot market

Winter tends to have a bad reputation for solar homeowners. For individual households, the additional consumption of electricity from heating combines with the reduced generation of rooftop PV systems due to our shorter days, a situation that…
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What’s the fuss about solar batteries?

Over the last decade, the uptake of rooftop solar PV systems in Australia grew almost 100 times. We have, easily, the world’s largest operating solar capacity per capita - standing at 650 watts per person. This beats out second place Germany,…