Jemena Distribution Area

Your rate or tariff will depend on the type of meter that you have. It is not possible to choose your preferred tariff. The plan you join will match your current meter configuration. All rates are inclusive of GST.

Time of Use (A120)

Off Peak Rate – 19.47 c/kWh

Peak Rate – 28.93 c/kWh

Feed-In Rate – 6.70 c/kWh

Daily Supply Charge – 82.50 c/day

Daily Members Fee – 100 c/day

$1,312/year inc GST for an average household using 4000kWh/year on a time of use tariff in the Jemena network. Excludes any feed-in tariff credit.

Market Offer is 19.7% more than the Victorian Default Offer which includes the daily Membership Fee.

Energy Fact Sheet