You have invested in a solar rooftop PV + battery system. This revolutionary combination allows you to produce and store power from an unlimited source – the sun, and enjoy benefits which include:

  • Free renewable energy at the point of generation for the next 5 billion years at least. The battery stores any excess, so you can use when the solar system stops producing for the day.
  • Reduction of electricity bills and dependence on the grid. Any additional excess is sent back to the grid and sold in exchange for a feed-in tariff, so no energy is wasted.
  • Future-proofing and adding value to your home. Depending on a few factors, like the size of the installation, the estimates value solar at ~$6,000 per kWh. This includes renters, who would be willing to pay extra for a home with a solar system.
  • Most modern batteries come with Energy Management Systems (EMS) which help you monitor how and when your home consumes energy, helping you stay on top of your energy usage in real-time.

However, energy costs are not fixed. Unless you are entirely off it, the increasing price of power supplied to your household from the grid coupled with minimum feed-in tariffs decreasing across the nation, can have a long-lasting impact on your investment if left unchecked. This prompts us to look for new ways to optimise our solar investments.



When to use power

The million-dollar question for thousands of Aussies, quite literally. Our average electricity bill, across all states and including households of all sizes, is reported to be around $1,279.25 per year. Small households of 2-3 people will typically use less electricity than larger ones; the amount also depends on the energy efficiency of your home and appliances, how often high-draining appliances are used (e.g. air conditioners, heaters), and whether you have pools or spas.

Through the analysis of your bill, household appliances and routine, aided by the battery’s EMS, you can better understand your usage patterns and make educated energy adjustments.


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The rise of automation to maximise your investment

Understanding your electricity usage patterns is crucial, but let’s be honest, no one has the time and energy to sit around all day making these energy-saving decisions. Here’s where the power of software and automation comes to the rescue!

When you join Members Energy, your solar PV + battery system gets connected to our energy trading platform. This platform not only allows you to access the spot market and sell your excess energy at higher rates, but it doubles up as a state-of-the-art performance management system.

Our battery’s Intelligent Controller helps you automatically store energy when prices are low (like at night), to use when prices are high (like during the day). Energy intelligence like this uses up-to-the-minute data to make sure you get the best deal every minute of every day. Evergen’s data shows that you could be saving an additional 26.4% on average off your electricity bills!

You have an extra level of visibility for your system via the app, while the optimisation software also works behind the scenes to extend the life of your battery through condition monitoring – such as temperature, discharge rates, charging times, etc.

And because you are part of one of Australia’s largest Virtual Power Plant, your battery supports others with clean energy during times of high demand while being incentivised for your participation with 100% of the revenue generated being passed on as credit in your bill. A win-win situation.



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