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The Members Energy Virtual Power Plant (VPP) or more simply known as the Solar + Battery Members Plan, is a community of interconnected residential solar systems working together to collectively generate and store energy to sell on the open energy market at superior prices when electricity demand is high.

Evergen Intelligent Control monitors your solar system and energy usage 24/7. When there is an opportunity to sell your energy at higher rates than your feed-in tariff, we will draw the energy from your system, making you more money. These earnings will show up as a credit on your energy bill.

Members Energy VPP

The energy trading platform is the next-generation energy intelligence technology from our partner Evergen. Every few minutes the system learns and predicts your energy consumption patterns and uses weather forecasts to anticipate your solar production for the next 48 hours. It then uses sophisticated energy analytics to determine the optimum supply of solar, battery and grid for your home to save you the maximum amount of money. The system then manages the charging and discharging behaviour of your battery to minimise wear and extend its useful life. learn more >

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It costs nothing to join Members Energy. There is an ongoing Membership Fee of 50c per day that gives you energy usage rates at the cheapest price we can get them. Our members also pay a Technology Fee of 60c per day that helps to maximise our members earning potential and save our members more money on their energy bill.

You will not be locked into a fixed contract and can leave Members Energy at any time.

There are no fees for leaving Members Energy.

Eligible Batteries

Members Energy will connect to your battery via the inbuilt digital software. If you already have an eligible battery and electricity meter there is no additional hardware installation required.

We will optimise your solar energy performance 24/7 with next-generation energy intelligence from Evergen to give you more earning potential. The amount you save is dependent on several factors including weather conditions and your energy consumption patterns and we will use sophisticated energy analytics to determine optimum supply of solar, battery and grid for your home to save you the maximum amount of money. learn more >

When you join Members Energy, we need to wait for a 10-day cooling off period to pass. This is a regulatory requirement. After that, we need to wait for your next meter reading to take place. This is also one of the industry rules and ensures we have an accurate meter reading to start your account with.

Most meters are read every three months. If your meter is not due to be read in the near future, you might want to pay for a special meter read. If you have a smart meter, there is no need for a special meter reading as you will switch within a few days of your cooling off period completing.

In summer, when the sun is stronger and the days are longer, your solar panels will produce more electricity than in winter, so you can expect better performance. If there is not enough solar power to charge your battery enough to meet your needs, Members Energy can top it up with cheap off-peak power from the grid, allowing you to save money all year round.

Members Energy will manage the energy stored in your battery through Intelligent Energy Control. We will optimise your solar energy performance 24/7 to charge, discharge or maintain energy in your battery – we will always maintain a minimum of 20% storage capacity in your battery for your house usage.

Our Energy Plan uses a time of use tariff and it gives members the greatest earning potential. This allows us to lower your average price of energy by charging the battery during off peak times so that you can use the cheap energy during peak times.

Maybe. For the Intelligent Control to interact with the grid, you need what is called a smart meter with the ability to measure the amount of energy imported from and exported to the grid at different times of day. If you need to have a smart meter installed we can arrange this through Energy Locals at a cost of $55 inclusive of GST and this cost will be included on your bill.

Your feed-in tariff will follow the ‘spot’ price of the National Electricity Market. When the spot price drops below your minimum feed-in tariff, you will still receive your minimum feed-in tariff. However, when the spot price rises about your minimum, you will receive 100% of the ‘spot’ price as your feed-in tariff (c/kWh).

You can view the ‘spot’ price by state on the AEMO website. View here >

We have partnered with Energy Locals for our energy retailer. Energy Locals is unlike any other retailer out there, operating as not just an energy company, but also a social enterprise. Their goal is for customers to be able to use as much clean energy as they need to live comfortable lives at a great value energy price they can control.

Energy Locals

Members Energy have partnered with Evergen, an Australian renewable energy software business that enables smarter energy by optimising energy storage systems and orchestrating large fleets of batteries to enable Virtual Power Plants. This ensures a resilient and decentralised energy system of the future and drives benefits for consumers, businesses, network operators and utilities. Evergen’s Intelligent Control software will allow Members Energy to deliver optimum benefits for households by adjusting individual systems to suit household load, weather conditions, etc whilst orchestrating a large fleet of connected batteries to create value for the fleet and the energy market as a whole.

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Members FAQs

You will have access to the energy trading platform the day your account switches over to Members Energy. These trading events only occur when the price on the spot market is higher than the standard feed-in tariff and you have excess energy to sell.

Don’t be alarmed if you see minimal trading credits for your first month. This can occur as your intelligent control software is still in its learning stage. The good news here is that your system is constantly learning. The longer your battery is controlled by the intelligent control software, the better it will learn your energy patterns to optimise for trading.

This will be displayed on the first page of your energy bill as “Members Energy Trading Credits

Trading Credit

The membership fee is for the management of energy trading platform and the supply charge represents the cost of your property being connected to the electricity grid.  These will both appear on your energy bill.

Once the cooling off period has been completed and Members Energy have the right to bill the site for your electricity, you will receive an email within 5 business days from Evergen.

The email will outline all your login details for you.

Evergen App

Once the cooling off period has ended the billing with be given to Members Energy within 7 days. This can be anytime within a billing period. Your old retailer will bill you for the number of days from the previous bill. Members Energy takes over form that date on.

You will not be able to login to the Members Energy app until you receive your login email from Evergen. This activation email will be sent within 5 business days of Members Energy having the right to bill the site for your electricity.

Once you follow the prompts and set up your account, you will be able to login at any time and see live data from your system.

If you are still having issues once you have successfully signed up, please email support@evergen.com.au or call 1300 157 867.

To be eligible for our Solar + Battery Members Plan you require a smart meter. If you do not have a smart meter at your property, we will arrange the Meter changeover for you. We can only get the best return from your battery being on a TOU tariff.

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