Solar + Battery Members Plan

The Solar + Battery Members Plan is an interconnected system of residential solar and battery systems, also known as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Our Energy Plan collectively generates and stores energy to sell on the open energy market at a superior price when electricity demand is high.

As a member, you get greater upside and earning potential from your solar investment by allowing Members Energy to manage the energy stored in your battery system using our energy trading platform. We’ll maximise and optimise your energy usage in all weather conditions and take advantage of energy trading opportunities to make you money. These earnings will show up as a credit on your energy bill.

How are we returning the power back to you?

Our members will benefit and save money in two ways thanks to our energy trading platform:

1Battery Optimisation

Optimisation of your home’s solar and battery system performance every minute, every day by storing energy when prices are low (like at night) to use when prices are high (like during the day), lowering the average cost of the energy you use.

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2 Feed-In Tariff Guarantee

Your minimum feed-in tariff is guaranteed, however, when there is opportunity to sell excess energy back to the National Electricity Market (NEM) when the ‘spot’ price is high you will benefit by receiving 100% of the higher feed-in tariff. Don’t worry though, your battery system will always maintain a minimum of 20% storage capacity for your usage.

Here are a few important things you should know about our Solar + Battery Members Plan:

  • No lock-in contract
  • Guaranteed feed-in tariff
  • Clean energy at a great value price
  • No exit fees
  • $1.00 per day Membership Fee (Inc. GST)

To get the greatest earning potential from our Solar + Battery Members Plan you will need the following:

  • Minimum of 3kW Solar PV
  • An eligible Solar Battery
  • Smart Meter and Time of Use Tariff
  • The Members Energy App
  • A reliable internet connection

Eligible Batteries

The home solar batteries eligible for the Solar + Battery Members Plan are:

Eligible Batteries

No Lock In

No Lock-In Contract

Exit Fees

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Our Partners

Energy Locals

Energy locals 100% Australian-based team is done with the traditional energy model. They support new, innovative ways for customers to purchase energy. Their goal is for customers to be able to use as much clean energy as they need to live comfortable lives at a great value price they can control.


Members Energy have partnered with Evergen, an Australian renewable energy software business that enables smarter energy by optimising energy storage systems and orchestrating large fleets of batteries to enable Virtual Power Plants. This ensures a resilient and decentralised energy system of the future and drives benefits for consumers, businesses, network operators and utilities.