Welcome to the new Solar + Battery Members Plan.

Join the Member’s Energy Virtual Power Plant.

  • Maximise your solar investment.
  • Next generation energy market trading.
  • Buy and sell your battery energy at real market rates.
  • 100% minimum feed-in tariff guarantee.

At Members Energy we understand the frustration of selling your solar energy for less than what it’s worth. Why should your energy retailer be the only one to profit from your investment?

That’s why we’ve built this energy community. To bring like-minded solar homeowners together to benefit you. With our primary focus on reducing our member’s energy bills, we’re placing the power back in your hands and more money in your pocket through our next-generation energy optimisation and trading platform.

Trade your stored energy for profit, during periods of peak demand. Regain control of your energy bills. This is the future of renewable energy and that future can start today with our game changing Solar + Battery Members Plan.

Members Energy. Returning the power back to you.

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Unique Energy Partnership

We’ve partnered with Australia’s leading energy experts to manage your energy in one place.

Energy Trading Platform

Optimise your solar energy performance 24/7 with next-generation energy intelligence.

Greater Earning Potential

Everything you sell to the grid is yours to give you maximum possible savings on your energy bill.

Sustainable Community

Connecting like-minded members through our energy plan to utilise clean and affordable energy.

Our Partners

Energy Locals

Energy locals 100% Australian-based team is done with the traditional energy model. They support new, innovative ways for customers to purchase energy. Their goal is for customers to be able to use as much clean energy as they need to live comfortable lives at a great value price they can control.


Members Energy have partnered with Evergen, an Australian renewable energy software business that enables smarter energy by optimising energy storage systems and orchestrating large fleets of batteries to enable Virtual Power Plants. This ensures a resilient and decentralised energy system of the future and drives benefits for consumers, businesses, network operators and utilities.

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